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Parrot Food Designer and Technician

Here at Kendall's Parrot & Aviary, we specialise in a huge range of food items for parrots and small birds, plus wild birds too, which is always growing. We started this business as we could not find any decent African Grey mixes from the pet shops. They were all boring and mainly full of black sunflower seeds and peanuts! So we decided to make our own. I started selling them for people who where in the same predicament and from then on they became more and more popular and our range of mixes has been multiplying ever since. Our customers and clients especially love the fact they can add or change or create what ever ingredients or mixes they like!

Our mixes are all designed by us and hand mixed in our workshop fresh to order. No mass production or machines involved! 
The most unique thing about our mixes is that they can be altered in any way to suit your birds' personal tastes, needs or requirements.

We have a wide range of daily mixes for all birds and parrots, from Macaw and African Grey food to Budgie and Finch food. 

In addition we have a new array of Specific Species Mixes.

We have a variety of more interesting mixes such as our new Concentrated mixes, Sensation mixes, and Infusion mixes. - We even create Custom Mixes so you can have exactly what you want in the mix.

Our shop also supplies a massive choice of straight ingredients. Many can be used as daily feeds, to make or to add to other mixes, as treats or as supplements. Further more we stock many toys, small bird cages, parrot cages, breeding supplies and accessories such as Dummy Eggs, nests and fantastic breeding food.

Custom Mixes
We provide a Unique service where you can have your own mix designed for your bird or parrot.

Our Custom Mixes start from just £5

Choose from our whole range of ingredients. 

Tell us what you would like in your mix and we will design the mix for you so you only get exactly what you want in your bird food.

Select "Buy Now" below to purchase our unique service.

Our Custom Mixes will be designed for you once the service charge of £5 per mix is made. Once payment has been made, we will contact you to discuss the details of your order. When you are happy with the description of the mix we can make for you, we will then invoice you for the amount of food you require. Within the next 3 working days your mix will be made! - When you require another order, you will not be charged the service charge again!

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